Junior Program

This program is targeted for primary and secondary school students. Programming at a young age helps kids to gain advantages in thinking, processing and communicating. These skills will later help kids to be innovative, which will translate into nearly any profession. From physicians to musicians, being able to program and develop computer apps and software can translate into success. To sign up students into the program, we run competitions in secondary schools where we ask student to come up with market viable ideas. We pick the best 3 students from who enroll for our training program on a scholarship basis. We have 2 intakes in the junior program. November/December intake which we refer to as the vacation training and January intake which targets students who have cleared secondary schools.


Postgraduate Program

This program targets students who have graduated from university and colleges. The program prepares students for the ICT job market. We fine tune their skills and attitude as we align them to fit in the job market. In every Cohort we place at least 90% of the graduates. The training comprises focuses on programming skills and soft skills. The post graduate training has been guided by data that we annually collect from ICT companies in regards to the performance of ICT graduates at work place.


Corporate Training Program

We offer training to staff members in IT companies. Most of the training request is when companies are adopting a new technology and they would require incorporating into their companies and they would like their staff members to be equipped with the particular training.

Wonna be a world class developer !

Zalego will train you in all aspects of design, programming and creativity to make sure you are ready for the market.