Core Values

We believe that for us to achieve a thriving and holistic ecosystem of software development everything should not revolve around the classroom.

This is why our scope revolves around 6 core pillars that we have taken the time to invest our efforts, in the endeavor to raise an all rounded generation of software developers.


Through our program 'ICT in secondary schools' we try to tap into young minds and to foster an environment where they can start to dream and turn these dreams into innovations in software development.

Computer Contests

The innovations by students in ICT clubs eventually culminates in them competing against their peers from other schools in annual computer contests which we hold in several counties every year.


Our training is not just focused on giving craft skills in software development but rather on inspiring a unique outlook and a third eye to providing solutions to our day to day lives in the form of software.


Students that go through Zalego undergo mentorship programs at different levels. Though a program dubbed 'Road to Market'

Internship and Placement

Zalego recruits directly for over 150 software development companies spread over East and Central Africa.

Boot Camps

We carry out clinics every so often especially after technological advancements are released