What is your story?

Zalego has come a long way touched and changed many lives.The success we have achieved through the students that we have trained is what alwa ys keeps us going.Through our training program we aim to empower ICT experts with skills as we strive to reduce the number un employment and poverty in the country.

Whats your story?

Computer contest.

We have always wondered how to ensure we keep students motivated with the technology and the computer subject while stil ...

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Alumni desk.

We have trained 1,800 students on Android boot camp, sponsored by Samsung in East Africa, Kenya 1000 students, Uganda 50 ...

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High school ICT clubs

One of the major challenges that we have observed at the university level is that it takes quite some time to learn soft ...

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Zalego's story

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Wanna be a world class developer !

Zalego will train you in all aspects of design, programming and creativity to make sure you are ready for the market.